This is a DEMO Store, any order will not be Processed

Welcome to the DermPRO Demo Store

About the DermPRO Demo Store

This store is a demo store, showing you the features provided by the DermPRO marketing and e-commerce solution from Derm Resource Group. Make sure you poke around the various product listing views and experience the sophisticated feature set our clients get with their stores, including:

  • Clean and informative product layout
  • Shop by brand, skin type, or product category
  • Filter product listings by price, brand, skin type
  • Compare products
  • Auto-replenish option (See this product as an example)
  • Ability to offer discount if auto-replenish is chosen
  • Shopping cart shown in the sidebar
  • Complete product information including Recommended Use, Benefits, Ingredients, and FAQs
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Create a wishlist
  • Calculate shipping and tax without checking out
  • Customizable loyalty rewards program
  • and much more...

To "purchase" something on the demo store so you can see how it works, use the fictitious VISA card number 4111-1111-1111-1111 with any name and expiration date of 07/2016.